Three Most Practical Zodiac Signs

Down-to-earth people are very soothing. They're calm and easy to converse to. You never feel like you have to act a specific way to please them, but

Earth signs are the most grounded zodiac signs. Each sign displays that attribute differently. Loftis lists the three most grounded zodiac signs.

 according to Loftis, feels one with Earth. Bulls are sturdy, grounded, and lasting, she says.

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They merely enjoy what they like, unlike other signs who flaunt their wealth. Tauruses are kind, giving, and down-to-earth.

Virgo, like earth signs, is tranquil. Loftis calls them zodiac "healers and helpers."

Virgo will attend. They may also put aside their ego for the greater good. Selflessness makes them humble.

 Capricorn is practical. Loftis calls the "stable sea goat" forthright, hardworking, and realistic. 

Their seriousness might intimidate at first. Once you grasp how they operate, they're cool and entertaining.

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