This Cat Breed Fits Each Zodiac Sign.

Cat lovers and cat haters exist. Whether or not you're an ailurophile, read on to discover your zodiac sign's cat type.

It doesn't matter if you're a neat Virgo or a sensitive Aquarius who values privacy. 

Aries: You’re Bengal.

Born wild? Aries, this cat type is perfect for you. If you saw this cat racing toward you, it might feel like a jungle cat was chasing you. Sound familiar.

Taurus: You’re Persian.

Ooh la! Taurus, Persian cats have doll looks for a reason. Like Venus, this cat type is posh. Its long coat and winsome features match your sensual nature.

Gemini: Abyssinian

Gemini, the volatile Abyssinian, is brilliant and curious. They are often described as "dog-like," especially in their insatiable curiosity and sleek, lanky build.

Cancer: You’re Scottish Fold.

Here we are, Cancer! This rare type has a round, moon-like face. The Scottish Fold's big, affectionate eyes are also very expressive and draw attention. 

Leo: Ragdoll.

May I have your full attention? Leo, your cat type rules. The Ragdoll, like your planetary boss, the sun, is social and majestic.

Virgo: Maine Coon.

You're calm but restless, Virgo. Due to their mysterious color patterns, no two Maine Coons are alike. This cat type loves and obeys.

Libra: You’re Siberian.

Libra, your Venus-ruled sign loves love. From its kitten-like demeanor to its hypoallergenic skin, the Siberian shares your compromising and harmony-seeking nature. 

Scorpio: You’re Siamese.

Scorpio, you know how possessive this breed is. Like the highly intelligent Siamese, your Plutonian radar can detect the rippling undercurrents of your environment.

Sagittarius: You’re Cornish Rex.

Sagittarius, your cat breed shares your boundless energy and drive. Jupiter, the wise archer, gives you strong legs and glutes. 

American Shorthair, Capricorn.

Capricorn, you are a hardworking breadwinner like this type. Saturn, your planetary boss, is responsible, but it gets better. 


Aquarius, like Mr. Bigglesworth, you are famous. This exotic, alien-like breed is from the Austin Powers comedy series. Uranus, the unpredictable planet, would rule the Sphynx cat.

Pisces: British Blue Shorthair

Pisces, dreaming? This cat breed's doe eyes and 10-to-16-hour sleep routine resemble you and Neptune. Their thick, fluffy fur pelt needs only sleep.

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