The zodiac signs with the highest emotional quotient .


Pisces is the zodiac sign with the biggest heart. Nobody is more emotionally intuitive than them, and they are highly emotionally bright. 


Cancer is the sign with the second-highest emotional intelligence. They frequently have strong emotions, engage in excessive analysis, and carefully consider each notion.


Their incapacity to decide is what makes their emotional intelligence apparent. Librans will consider all circumstances and consider all potential outcomes.


Geminis have a very tough time controlling their emotions. Everyone will immediately notice if they become irritated about something. Even if they make a lot of effort to suppress their emotions


Despite being quite critical of themselves, they have a better emotional intelligence than they might appear to have. If a Virgo fails at a task or makes a poor choice, they are quick to blame themselves.


Scorpios exhibit a heart-on-sleeve attitude. They don't think it's a big thing when they appear weak, but they live in continual terror that someone may take advantage of them.

Emotions are not important to Capricorns. Not because they don't care; rather, they favor rational and useful data. 

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Taureans excel in problem-solving. Because they don't like to show their emotions to others, their generous side is largely veiled. 

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