The Zodiac Sign-Specific Airline

The airline industry affects everyone. Since everyone travels, an international airport will best represent our culture. Some flyers arrive hours early, while others beat the clock.

Qantas: Aries

Aries adore being the greatest, like Qantas Airways! Australia's flag carrier pioneered long-distance flights. 

Taurus: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic treats Taurus. This fashionable Venus-ruled sign likes martinis and plane manicures. Upper Class flat beds are perfect for sensual Taurus. Hot towels and drinks!

Gemini: JetBlue

Geminis love their town and culture and fly domestically. JetBlue probably. Most coach legroom. Geminis love JetBlue's complimentary WiFi, DIRECTV, SiriusXM, and movies.

Southwest: Cancer

Cancer visitors want familiarity and emotion. Cancers want comfort. SW Air! Family-friendly domestic airline. 

Leo: Emirates.

Emirates Airlines, the world's most opulent airline, has Airbus A380s—the world's largest commercial plane—and over 5,000 entertainment channels to fulfill Leos' guilty pleasures.

Virgo: Cathay Pacific

Watchful Virgos. The "little things" motivate Virgos. Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's national airline, delivers this.  "Betsy," tastes better at 35,000 feet. 

Libra: Hawaiian Air

Top domestic carrier Hawaii Air. Hawaiian Airlines resembles Libra. Venus-ruled Libra delivers a gorgeous staff and fragrant lei. Hawaiian Airlines starts vacations before arrival.

Scorpio: Air France

Scorpios enchant. Scorpio enjoys luxury but hates "flashiness." Scorpios love Air France. Maintenance Scorpios like Christian Lacroix flight attendants and long flights.

Sagittarius: United Airlines

Sagittarius travels most. Jupiter rules this volatile fire sign, making freedom crucial. UA helps. 120 international and 210 US favor Sagittarius. Sags' worldview?

Capricorn: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Capricorn values tenacity. The oldest is 1919-founded KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Capricorns enjoy safe airlines. 

Aquarius: Etihad Airways

Aquarius, the humanitarian air sign, likes being bougie. Aquariuses enjoy Etihad Airways and their "flying apartment" because they love giving their friends great experiences.

Pisces: Alaska Air

Alaska Airlines relaxes. Alaska Airlines pampers Pisces. Pet perks, low fares, and charge reduction. Yes, Pisces. Alaska Airlines calms Pisces before, during, and after boarding.

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