The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Hurt Your Feelings

The zodiac's perfectionists can't help it; they have a predetermined image of how things should be done, and when other people don't follow this, it stresses and enrages them.


A Virgo will make sure to emphasize their points until you realize that they are correct and you are mistaken, and most of the time, telling you once isn't sufficient.



The narcissistic Sun rules Leo. They therefore believe themselves to be superior to their peers and "appears to lack a filter or consider how their words and actions will affect others.


Sagittarians are the adventurous, globetrotting sign of the zodiac, and they often have no trouble meeting new friends.

No one can deny that Sagittarians are Fire signs, which means they have a tendency to offend people without even realizing it.



Gemini's inclusion on this list comes as no surprise. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules them, although they have a tendency to talk excessively.


It doesn't matter if an Aries is intentionally trying to offend you or not, says Santos. It's more crucial to understand that Aries is embracing their passion for battle.

Scorpio's sting is extremely harsh because they typically want to offend you. They occasionally have a nasty streak and don't give a damn about the suffering they cause.


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