The zodiac sign-appropriate eyeliner trend

The classic cat eye is our go-to eye look. The perfect eye makeup may help you express yourself and change things up.

Aries—The bolt

Aries are the first to test new trends. Aries girls may best express themselves with this lightning bolt motif.


 linerTaureans like cleanliness and detail. Clean, crisp makeup expresses them. Thus, eyeliner trends

Gemini—Dual wings

Geminis like trends that stick out without being overdone. Geminis finest represent the two wings trend.

Cancer—Glossy liner

Cancerians are cryptic and emotional. They're unpredictable. They may go without makeup one day and use their favorite lip gloss as a liner the next.

Leo—Reverse cat eye

Leos are brave, theatrical, and popular. They would deviate. They will wear the reverse cat eye while everyone else wears the normal cat eye

Libra—Edgy liner

Libras, sign of the scales, seek equilibrium. They adore trying out daring eye makeup trends that others shy away from. For a daring cat eye, stretch the wing rearward.

Scorpio—Smokey wing

Smokey eyes highlight Scorpio's seductive dark side. They'll do things differently. Being imaginative, they may make a smoky wing.

Sagittarius—Color block liner

Sagittarians need something adventurous. But they wouldn't use eyeliner. Instead, they use aggressive liquid matte lipstick as eyeliner.

Heading 2

Capricorn – Negative space liner

Capricorns are conservative, measured and have an eye for detail. Instead of wearing one sleek line of eyeliner, they would opt 

Aquarius – Floating liner

The artsy and bubbly sign of the zodiac, Aquarians love trying things that require little effort and yet look stunning. 

Pisces—Dainty dots

Pisces are laid-back and empathetic. They will apply an innovative eyeliner look. Dots are only allowed above, below, or at the corners of the eyelid.

Pisces – Dainty dots

Pisces are down-to-earth, easy-going and emotionally understanding. They will undertake an eyeliner look that allows them maximum creative freedom.

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