The Top 7 U.S. Relaxation Spots

Washington's "World's Longest Beach" is a tranquil peninsula.

Long Beach Peninsula (Washington)

Vero Beach is a Florida East Coast jewel between Daytona and Fort Lauderdale. "This beach is where you go to rent a house and just hang out by the water."

Vero Beach (Florida)

If you're seeking spiritual renewal, visit Sedona, Arizona."Known for its magnificent red rock formations, it's the perfect destination for a quiet break."

Sedona (Arizona)



Guam, a U.S. territory, doesn't require a passport. Kristin Lee, travel expert and proprietor of Global Travel Escapades, says it's not in the continental U.S., but it's worth the flight.


Dan Meyer, founder and head of experience travel programme BACK&PACK, recommends relaxing on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota

Northshore (Minnesota)

Jenny Sullivan of Traveling in Focus says these sandy places offer solitude and quiet.

The Beaches at Olympic National Park (Washington)



Hawaii is a must-have on any U.S. relaxation list. Maui is the most tranquil vacation location. Says Jettly CEO Justin Crabbe.

Maui (Hawaii)

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