The Smoothie Your Zodiac Sign Recommends

Need a portable morning boost? Smoothies are the best way to start the day, whether you wake up early or hit snooze. 

Aries: Orange Ginger Smoothie

Wake up! Aries is the energetic, adventurous first sign of the zodiac. You give everything your all, therefore you need a smoothie that matches your energy and enthusiasm.

Taurus: Banana-Oat Smoothie

Tauruses like pragmatism. You enjoy life's pleasures yet prioritize work. A simple smoothie will simplify your morning.

Gemini: Mocha Protein Smoothie

After a long night, this nutritious meal will brighten you up and keep you full with protein powder, almond butter, chia seeds, and banana.

Cancer Smoothie

Cancers are sensitive and kind, yet you don't always wake up happy. If you're tired or hungry, you get cranky, therefore self-care should be part of your morning routine.

Leo: Chocolate-PB-Banana Smoothie

This show-stopper combines creamy peanut butter, cacao powder, banana, and almond milk. Repeat with dates, maple syrup, or dark chocolate. Sweeter than breakfast.

Virgo: Green Matcha Shake

The zodiac's perfectionist, your morning ritual is holy. You don't have time to squander since you want to start the day productively. Prepare breakfast the night before.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Libra.

Libras are charismatic and adore the spotlight. As the scales sign, you need a good work-life balance. 

Scorpio: Blueberry-Pomegranate Smoothie

Scorpios are deep. Hiding makes you hard to read. You're not a homebody like other water signs, but you crave morning solitude.

Sagittarius: Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

You're the zodiac's adventurer, so you're always open for new experiences. After traveling and mingling, sometimes you need a calm morning to recharge.

Capricorn Smoothie

People believe you don't like to have fun since you're sensible, focused, and diligent. In fact, you appreciate a quirky, surprising take on a classic more than a classic.

Aquarius, you're independent and rational. As the most distinctive zodiac sign, you love to experience things and make judgments based on what feels right.

Aquarius—Mango Lassi

Pisces: Coconut-Vanilla-Yogurt Smoothie

Pisces, the zodiac's daydreamer, takes time to wake up. You need a morning ritual to feel anchored in the actual world's tumult and quick speed.

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