The Most Understanding Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Analytical Aquarius is a very intelligent sign. They take great pride in their capacity to analyze problems and come up with logical answers in any circumstance.They are renowned for their independence and capacity for original thought, which broadens their awareness of the world and the people who inhabit it.


Even if they are a little more eccentric than other signs, these air signs have a firm handle on reality. While they occasionally may come out as abrupt or harsh, they do have a good sense of what others need.


Leos radiate assurance. They are polite and understanding, even yet they are aware of what they want and how to achieve it. These fire signs have an instinctive need to safeguard both themselves and other people, and they are attentive of others' needs and wants.


Beyond their years, Sagittarians frequently possess wisdom. They are sages with a wealth of life experience, according to Loftis. Therefore, it is no longer surprising that they can assist others in any situation. Jupiter, the planet linked to abundance and drive, rules these fire signs, and Sag takes this to heart.


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Cancer has a high emotional IQ, thus they can sympathize with anyone. Despite their hard exterior, they are tender and caring on the inside. According to Clare, Cancers are renowned for their emotional ups and downs and for always knowing what other people need from them.


In addition to being exceedingly just, they can put themselves in your shoes with ease, according to Loftis regarding sympathetic Libra. They are one of the more empathetic signs because to their quest for harmony.


Pisces will be able to not only understand but also experience your feelings as if they were their own. They are the zodiac sign with the greatest capacity for empathy and emotional expression.

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