The Most Emotional Zodiac Sign?

1) Pisces has the greatest emotions.

Pisces have the deepest emotions. They love their family and friends.

2) Cancer is delicate.

Cancerians are sensitive and open about their feelings, even when they appear harsh.

Libra has raw emotions.

Libras are sensitive and make decisions based on their feelings.

Defensive Geminis

When threatened, Geminis become protective and tense. They struggle with self-control.

5) Observant Virgo

Virgos are sensitive and perceptive. When things get too much, they break down.

Scorpios are sensitive

Scorpios are sensitive behind their rough exterior. Life might overwhelm them and drag them down with a maelstrom of overwhelming emotions.

7) Taurus are sensitive, secretive.

Tauruses, like Scorpios, don't like to admit their emotions. When angered, they can erupt, yet they're gentle and loyal.

Critics upset Capricorns.

Capricorns are sensitive! Capricorns are structured and devoted, so when they feel evaluated or scolded, they cry.

Leos are extreme Emotionally,

 Leos are mixed. Leos are emotive and authentic when they care about something, but when they don't, they're cold and apathetic.

Sagittarius isn't emotional.

Sagittarius personalities are unflappable. Sagittariuses love life and don't let others' gossip get to them.

12) Aquarius barely feels.

Aquariuses are insensitive and always say what they believe. These locals aren't emotionless, but they struggle to grasp others' struggles.

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