The Most Devious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers


Sagittarius can be a challenging sign to define because they are always thinking about adventure and forming new relationships. They act impulsively without taking into account the repercussions and they don't think before they jump.


Their impulsive temperament lends them a cunning air.They are skilled disruptors, sometimes even going so far as to be unethical, even when it isn't their goal.


Those who are unfamiliar with Capricorns may perceive them as being somewhat heartless and frigid. Beware of these earth signs because they are always working hard and will stop at nothing to accomplish their objectives.


Leos become downright cunning if someone attempts to steal their limelight, whereas Capricorns can become plotting if someone messes with their professional life. This attention-seeking sign doesn't really have the choice of not being the center of attention.


It can be difficult to imagine that Libras have a cunning side because they tend to be attractive and charismatic most of the time. But what really enables them to control any circumstance to work in their advantage is their inherent charm and charisma.


Aries people are fierce and headstrong, and they have no issue shoving others aside if they stand in their way. These individuals, who are ruled by Mars, constantly strive for advancement and possess a passionate, tenacious nature that eventually drives them onward and upward.


One of the many traits that make Scorpios the zodiac's most cunning sign is their superior ability to assess people.


You might not even be aware that they are scheming against you because they are secretive and devious.They are driven by obsession

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