The easiest, crispiest, and tastiest air fryer fried chicken ever.

Homemade fried chicken that's crunchy, juicy, and not deep-fried? True! The Kitchen Magpie's air-fried chicken recipe may make you never deep-fry again.

The ingenious and popular Air Fryer uses hot air to dry out and brown minimally-oiled food so it looks, feels, and tastes like deep-fried.

It's a tasty, healthy way to enjoy fried cuisine without the fat and calories. Healthy fried chicken? Please!

Air fryer fried chicken takes minutes to produce, but understanding how to use one takes time (read the manual).

You can leave the "fryer" to cook the chicken. You can serve fried chicken in 30 minutes. This will likely fool your family.

Batter and oil your chicken pieces well. The chicken requires a homogeneous fat coating, not over-oiling.

Air Fryer to 380F.Whisk flour, Old Bay, and seasoning salt in large bowl.Beat egg in another big basin.


Dredge chicken in flour, egg, and flour again. Remove flour.Completely oil each chicken piece.Place chicken on Air Fryer grate.


Air Fryer chicken to 180F in 25 minutes. Get a thermometer.Remove Air Fryer-fried chicken.Serve warm.


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