The Dog for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Shepherd

Aries, governed by Mars, the planet of movement and drive, is a competitive, outdoorsy leader.

Taurus: Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds are great for your patient and protective disposition. Sweet, docile, and friendly, this breed is popular.

Jack Russell Terrier: Gemini

Your dog breed should adore parks, long walks, and doggie daycare because you're always on the go.

Border Collie for Cancer

Border Collies are ideal. Border Collies are loyal and intelligent. A sweet, lively dog.

Retriever: Leo

Golden Retrievers are loving and have a golden coat. Leo, this breed is like you—regal, clever, and entertaining. 

Sheltie: Virgo

The Sheltie, an industrious and affectionate dog, matches your sensitive and caring nature.

Samoyed: Libra

The Samoyed, a pleasant, clever, and independent dog, suits you best. As you,

Scorpio: US Bloodhound

American Bloodhounds match your ambition and family-oriented lifestyle. 

Brittany Spaniel: Sagittarius

Brittany Spaniels, like you, are lively and free-spirited. Brittanys are swift, curious, and constantly looking for fun.

Belgian Sheepdog: Capricorn

The Belgian Sheepdog, a determined yet calm breed, matches your driven nature. Belgian Sheepdogs are easily trained herders.

Pitbull Mix Aquarius

Pitbull Mixes fit sociable, eccentric people. These friendly, lively dogs love people. They also adjust their energy to their environment.

Pisces: Australian

A dog with guts is needed. Aussies are kind and loving like you. You two will enjoy cuddling, fantasizing, and connecting.

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