The Cruelest Sign of the Zodiac, According to Astrologers


Because they base their decisions on logic rather than emotion, Aquarius may come off as cruel. They appear chilly because they lack the same capacity for empathy as others. Although they do have a good awareness of what people want, they sometimes struggle with how to provide those needs in a kind and kind manner.


Leos are renowned for their generosity and compassion, but if you don't watch out, their darker side may show. "You'll feel a Leo's rage if you insult their ego or their loved ones.


They can be overly fiercely protective of those they care about and themselves. They also don't tolerate criticism well, so they will naturally lash out if they feel threatened.


According to Bennet, "Virgos never come right out and say what's bothering them; they'll create a negative atmosphere, staying true to their passive aggressive nature." They also can't help but see defects in everything since they constantly pursue an impossible standard of perfection.


If they feel like they are losing control of something, their cruel side will really show. Being in charge is essential, and when things don't go as planned, the spinning begins.


Every aspect of Capricorn life must be successful. Because they don't mind pushing others aside if it helps them advance, they are immediately perceived as nasty.They excel at motivating others.


Because Aries has some rough edges, they won't hold back to protect your feelings. They will ruthlessly grab control of a situation because they don't know how to let go of control.


A Scorpio is very methodical. They always act deliberately, which may include hurting other people. For a number of reasons, they are the nastiest zodiac sign. Like Aries, they have the potential to be aggressive, but Scorpios will hold their wrath and consider methods to turn it against you.

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