The Career Your Zodiac Sign Recommends

Your soul journey would be less interesting without the pressure of picking a career. You must strive to survive on Earth.

Since Uranus—the planet of innovation and rebellion—entered Taurus in 2018, it has changed our view of work. The change-maker planet forced everyone to acknowledge employment rights. 

No more monotonous 9-to-5 employment without advancements or raises! Uranus in Taurus promotes smarter, not harder work. 


Aries, I applaud your courage! Aries, Saturn rules your Midheaven also. Capricorn, a sensible and disciplined sign, rules the 10th house cusp.


Taurus, you're more than just obstinate and lustful. Your revolutionary Aquarius Midheaven influences your professional spontaneity.


Gemini, what's impossible? You're smart and adaptable! Your versatile intelligence suits your Pisces Midheaven. Your mercurial superpower improves communication.


Cancer, your sensitivity makes you a pioneer. Cardinals are go-getters! Your Mars-ruled 10th house cusp inspires and motivates you. Thus, in professional concerns, lead.


Camera, action! Leo, don't reject your zodiac celebrity status. Your sunny disposition offers delight to the world.


Virgo, you're a workaholic. You're more than a great thinker and problem-solver, yet they are some of your many talents. 


Libra, your innate beauty, charm, and elegance are adored. Many of you pride yourselves on your diplomacy and justice-seeking, despite your great style and aesthetic sense. 


Scorpio, it has to excite you. Is that unreasonable? You're one of the zodiac's most passionate signs, yet your dedication and secrecy worry many. Your world lacks "maybe."


Crabs, controlled by the intuitive, emotional moon, are lovebugs who struggle to gain independence. When pushed to play, they can be cranky, grumpy, and misbehaved.


Capricorn, you're not against change—you just like the tried-and-true! Following the rules is safer than taking chances.


Aquarius, have you been called a mystery? Your zodiac sign says you're the nicest and most socially conscious, yet you're also quite mysterious to others. You may be consulted.


You share Neptune's empathy, compassion, and spirituality. Your emotional sensitivity makes you a talented artist. 

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