The Car for Each Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their own specific taste when it comes to cars; a taste that may not be entirely reflected by your Sun sign in astrology. 


Mustangs are fastest and cheapest. Aries, the fastest zodiac sign, is typified by the fiery Ford Mustang. 


Taurus should reflect you. Since Venus—the planet of beauty and opulence—rules your zodiac sign, the Bentley Flying Spur embodies you.


Nissan Z racing cars have been popular since 1969. Gemini, a quick-witted air sign, likes to switch modes.


Cancers value flair and comfort but aren't flashy. Cancers dream of driving a warm, modern, and romantic Fiat 500.


Leo enjoys the spotlight. Leo, ruled by the Sun, the galaxy's largest star, can only be depicted by the Ferrari. Roma


Why are Tesla Model Ss on every Los Angeles freeway? This electric car is sleek, precise, and better for the environment. Virgos love it.


Libras love driving in flair but don't get road rage. Libras, known for being "balanced," may not pace, but they like knowing they can.


Scorpios intrigue and frighten. The mysterious BMW 7 Series looks great in black.


If you're a Sagittarius with no Jeep Wrangler dreams, you're lying. Sagittarians love the Jeep Wrangler.


Range Rovers exude CEO status. Capricorns naturally exude CEO vibes.


Mercedes-Benz G-Classes cry "wealthy, yuppie philanthropist" loudly. Aquarius rules socially and creatively. 


Adorable Mini Coopers. Mick Jagger's Wood & Pickett Mini Cooper S evokes 1960s London. Dreamy Pisces should drive a BMW-owned Mini Cooper. 

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