The Best Zodiac Sign Pet

Pet owners have several reasons. First comes friendship. Some feel obligated to help strays or have pets for safety.

Aries: Beagle

Aries require a playful, trainable pet. Aries appreciate independent, active dogs.

Taurus: Pig

Pigs are clever and independent like Tauruses. Taurus, grounded and homebodies, like conversing to their pets over people. Ideal pet owner!

Geminis like dogs that act and feel like family. Dogs are the obvious option, but bunnies are more Gemini-friendly.

Gemini: Rabbit

Cancer-Siamese Cat

Some people think Cancer's love of freedom doesn't work well with pet ownership since Sagittarius rules their pet zone, however this is untrue.

Leo: Persian Cat

Leo will want a display animal! Leo like pets they can spoil and show off.

Virgo: Turtle

Virgos may love unusual pets because Aquarius rules their pet zone. You probably prefer independent pets.

Libra: Fish

Fish control Libra's pet zone. A large saltwater aquarium in your living room or a large koi pond with orange fish and lots of plants may be your preference.

Scorpio: Ferret

Scorpio is influenced by Aries, thus you can handle difficult dogs. You prefer autonomous, non-traditional pets.

Sag: Hedgehog

Sagittarians need adorable, lively, and independent pets. Hedgehogs are ideal Sagittarius pets. This little pet is ideal for your exciting escapades.

Capricorn: Retriever

Capricorn, animals rejuvenate you. You can handle any animal. One is never enough for you.

Labrador: Aquarius

Cancer rules Aquarius pet influences, so you love animals more than people. You prefer gentle, loving, and sensitive pets

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