The best names for your baby based on their zodiac sign

The first spell we fall victim to and the letters we are eventually buried beneath are names, which have great power. The vowel sounds of names contain history, anticipation, and optimism.

Psycholinguists argue over whether language shapes or reflects our sense of reality, but names, especially the ones we give newborns, have a mythic significance that foreshadows who we might become.

Given the vastness of language, the passing of time, and the sacred nature of naming a child, we offer you a list of recommended baby names based on the horoscope of your little one.

Consider the Latin name Marius, which means "dedicated to Mars," the Roman deity of battle and the ruling planet of the sign of Aries. Margot is another excellent option for a ram baby because it contains the operative, energetic, and very Aries word "go."



Mercury, the ruler of communication and commerce, rules the sign of Gemini. Natives are frequently endearing, witty, and prone to uncertainty, mischief, and lyricism. Solid names include Whitman, Stevie, Castor, Coco, Pandora, Malachi, and Malachi, which alludes to the legendary twins that make up the constellation of Gemini.


Ideal names for Cancer represent their watery nature and the strength of their emotionality. They are moody and easily moved. Names to think about include Bruno, which is taken from the High German for armor and sounds like the shell of a crab, Briar, and Cancer defense mechanisms


Leo (short for Leonidas), Sunny, and Rhea, a goddess frequently pictured sitting on a throne with two lion guardians at her feet, are all suitable names for this fire sign. Helio, the Greek word for sun, which governs the sign, is also a fine choice.


Venus, the planet of love, attractiveness, wealth, and favorable lighting, rules Taurus, an earth sign that is fixed. Names that invoke the wild world therefore fit these children; Clay, Jasper, Wren, and Eden

They frequently have a sharp sense of wisdom, curative qualities, and order and are natural caregivers and hawk-eyed observers. The names Eremita, Mercurio, Huck, Asher, Greta, and Hollis are suggested for Virgo babies.



They are sensitive to beauty and desire calm, so they demand beautiful surroundings. Baby boys and girls with the names Levi, Beatrix, Clyde, Oliver, Lucien, Oscar, Ophelia, Themis, and Eloise are good choices for weights and balances. Levi, which means "joined" in Hebrew, is also a good choice.


Themes of death, transformation, shadow labor, and regeneration are important to Scorpio because it is the astrological sign with the greatest intensity. Lazarus, fortunate be thy zombie, is a perfect baby name in light of this. Other names to think about include Circe, the Odyssey's Circe, Lethe, Freya, Draven, Kali, Acacia, Marigold, Zelda, Layla, and Wednesday, named for our beloved pig-tailed scorpion, Wednesday Addams.


Sagittarius is the astrological sign of the free-spirited, philosophical, truth-seeking, spontaneous, and free-spirited bon vivant. Independent, inquisitive, and buoyant describe archer babies. The names Twain, Flint, Archer, Artemis, Thora, Cyrus, Conor, Marco, and Homer are appropriate for this group.


These people are strivers by nature, looking to climb the proverbial mountain and enter the pot of gold by any means necessary. Capricorn is symbolized by the mighty sea goat. They are here for the grind, the grit, and the satisfaction and are equal parts strategist and hedonist. Considerable cap names include Atlas, who is known for his powerful back and heavy loads, Poe, Rue, Rainier, and Bowie.


Taurus, an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, values peace. They have a lengthy temper.

In kind, the fish favor a fantasy existence that resembles a life "over the rainbow." Ula, the Gaelic name for "sea's jewel," Caspian, Bardo, Moses, Ondine, and Yara are all suitable choices for these aquatic babies.


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