The Best Cruise Line for Each Zodiac Sign

Taurus - Cunard Line

Luxury-loving Taurus will like the accommodations at Cunard's Grill, which feature luxurious touches, a dedicated table in one of the two opulent single-seating "Grill" dining rooms, as well as a "Grill"-specific lounge and sun deck.

Gemini - Carnival

Fun is what Gemini loves, and Carnival has made fun its motto for more than 50 years. Onboard Carnival cruises, Social Gemini won't run out of things to do, whether it's watching stage performances, chatting in the casino, or enjoying parties on the wide decks.

Cancer - Holland America Line

Cancer is all about comfort and relaxation, which fits well with Holland America Line's blue-hulled, traditionally designed ships. 

Leo - Celebrity Cruises

Attention-seeking star Cruises, where everyone on board seems to experience a star lifestyle, are something Leo will adore. The ships are filled with creative artwork and distinctive architecture, including Eden, a three-story multipurpose art, performance, and eating venue (on Edge-class ships).

Virgo - Viking Cruises

On Viking Cruises, a curious, analytical Virgo will fit in just well. Viking Cruises, best known for its river cruises but now also providing ocean voyages, is the thinking traveler's cruise, emphasizing extensive cultural exploration. 

Libra - Princess Cruises

The guiding principles of Libra are harmony and order, and Princess Cruises is a perfect match for them. Princess has achieved a balance between modern amenities and cruising tradition, in contrast to certain cruise lines that may concentrate on the newest, finest amenities onboard enormous mega-ships.

Scorpio - Virgin Voyages

The slightly provocative, adults-only Virgin Voyages are perfect for seductive Scorpio. An onboard tattoo artist, plenty of lounges and bars, and staterooms with peek-a-boo showers all combine to create a memorable seducing cruise that is equal parts sensual and enticing. Party and indulge

Sagittarius - Lindblad Expeditions

Egalitarian Sagittarius is born to explore, and Lindblad Expeditions was created for just that. With specifically designed expedition ships run in collaboration with the National Geographic Society,

Capricorn - MSC Cruises

Options are what the practical Capricorn appreciates, and MSC Cruises has them. Those who prefer more included packages can choose tickets that include refreshments, WiFi, or possibly an onboard credit, while frugal cruisers can take advantage of the most recent specials, which are often cruise-only.

Aquarius - Hurtigruten

Greenland. Iceland. Galapagos Islands. Latin America. Aquarius is a kind, fair-minded sign who cares deeply about the wellbeing of both the world and its people. Hurtigruten is an environmentally conscious company.

Pisces - Ponant

Aesthetes like Pisces will undoubtedly love the fine aesthetic details that Ponant incorporates throughout its fleet of smaller ships. Ponant focuses on French-style sailing, offering passengers a journey woven in luxurious design and delectable gastronomy.

Aries - Royal Caribbean

Take-charge Aries are a fantastic fit for the dynamic, thrilling cruise experience onboard Royal Caribbean ships since they are decisive and know exactly what they want. Whether delighted by the split-level Ultimate Family Suites' in-cabin slide

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