The best bacon in the United States.

Apart from its beauty, this bacon is wonderful since you may buy it unsliced and cook it to your desired thickness.

Alabama: Bill-E's Small Batch Unsliced Bacon in Fairhope

Though thin, this shoulder bacon looks amazing. It's leaner than breakfast-style pork belly bacon, but they've got that too.

Alaska: Alaska Birch Syrup Shoulder Bacon, Butcher Block No. 9, Anchorage

The Phoenix New Times named the Meat Shop the best bacon in town. The Meat Shop in south Phoenix's bacon makes bacon fans cry.

Arizona: Fresh Jowl & Center Cut Bacon, The Meat Shop in Phoenix

Arkansas takes bacon seriously. Arkansas Peppered Bacon is its hallmark variety.

Arkansas: Bacon, Coursey's Smoked Meats, St. Joe

It's special to be able to stroll into a restaurant, order a bunch of bacon wrapped in brown paper, then leave to eat bacon mindlessly.

California: The Bouquet of Bacon, Bacon Bacon, San Francisco

Tender Belly bacon comes from "ultra-tender bellies of Certified Awesome hogs," according to their website

Colorado: HabaƱero Dry Rub Uncured Bacon, Tender Belly, Denver

Nodine's juniper smoked bacon is great, but its website description is the finest I've ever read "No bacon tastes like this.

Connecticut: Juniper Smoked Bacon, Nodine's Smokehouse, Torrington

"Millionaire's Bacon" is at a golf club, which may or may not appeal to you. It's crunchy, spicy, and sweet.

Delaware: Millionaire's Bacon, Deerfield Golf Club, Newark

My family loves Sun Garden's bacon on Siesta Key, despite the beach's national reputation.

Florida: Mississippi Queen, The Sun Garden Cafe, Siesta Key

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