The 6 Most Impatient Zodiac Signs That Have No Chill

Aries dislikes waiting. They detest being diverted, held back, or instructed to take a break. They want whatever it is they desire now. The worst people are slow drivers; in fact, the worst people are those who take too long at anything.


They'll virtually explode if their computer or phone reboots for longer than 20 seconds. They don't like things that take time to develop. They don't respond well to treatments like bathing,



You'd think that Libras would have the patience of a saint with all their grace and charm, but alas, that isn't the case. As impatient as anyone, they are. Libra gets really irritated when someone takes too long to reply to a text or mail.


Do you want to observe the impatience of a Sagittarius? Postpone their flight, make their train late, or whatever their mode of transportation is. The joyful and jubilant Sagittarius suddenly loses patience.

The last thing they want to do is wait if one of their adventures is about to begin. There are only so many hours in the day, and Sagittarius is already completely packed.



Leos are wonderful, courageous, but not the most patient characters in the book. They very much have a "it needed to happen yesterday" approach. They seek fulfillment now, and they seek it immediately. Leos can be quite headstrong and struggle with patience.


People seem to assume that Aquarians must have patience because they are so charitable, but I have no idea how they manage to accomplish it. But Aquarius is not a patient sign. They want to improve the world, and getting rid of everything that requires patience is one way to do that.

Geminis are notoriously impatient people since they have a tendency to grow bored rapidly and crave change immediately. Their lack of patience may lead people to abandon work incomplete, fulfill commitments, and break pledges.


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