The 3 Most Tech-Savvy Zodiac Signs, According To An Astrologer

Everyone has that one friend who always manages to get their hands on the most recent iPhone model or who never skips an iOS update to access all the newest features and emojis. Perhaps it's because they work in technology, or perhaps their astrological sign has something to do with their passion of all things technological.

If you're constantly searching for the latest gadget, tablet, or app, you might want to check your birth chart because there are three signs whose love of technology may be rooted in the stars.

It can be challenging to keep up with technological advancements, but not if you belong to one of these three astrological signs. And thank heavens for that because how else would we learn about all the quickly evolving advancements in A.I. if not for these technologically savvy signs.

Given that Gemini is frequently referred to as the communicator of the zodiac, it is understandable why Gerdes believes the sign of the twins to be "all about their smart devices."



The astrologer claims that Geminis are the ones using multiple devices or having a number of tabs open. "Gemini would be leading the charge to restart and get signals up and running in an internet dead zone."


According to Gerdes, Capricorn is the sign of "status and power" and makes the list because it is constantly trying to get its hands on the newest gadgets.


Give them the newest, sleekest iteration of something, and they'll be drawn to it, the horoscope expert says. "Also, as a symbol of success


You can't have a ranking of the zodiac signs that are the most tech-savvy without including Aquarius, the sign that represents progress in technology. Because they "aren't afraid to try something new and unconventional" and "enjoy learning new concepts and expanding their mind," Gerdes would actually rank the air sign above Gemini and Capricorn.

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