Symptoms of Gaslighting

Your instincts tell you there's something "off" about this person.

You question your own reality and how you see things, which means you wonder if things really happened the way you remember.

 You often wonder if you remember details of things that happened in the past correctly.

You can't make a decision because you doubt yourself and don't trust your own judgment.

You usually feel confused.

You are always on the lookout and on edge because you feel stressed and threatened and you are afraid that something bad will happen.


 You apologize often, even when it wasn't your fault.

You've gotten weak and can't stand up for yourself or speak up; you've lost your old self-confidence.

You no longer show your real feelings, other than crying when you can't take it anymore.

You feel depressed, alone, helpless, without hope, and misunderstood.

You're not sure who you are.

 You think you're too demanding, and he/she says that about you.

If someone can convince you that you are crazy, mentally ill, or sick, they have more power and control over you.

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