Style-Best Zodiac Signs

Style-Best Zodiac Signs

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Some zodiac positions are naturally gifted at exploring fashion, turning heads, and setting trends.

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Astrologers realize that a person's composition goes beyond their sun sign.

Libras have the greatest style, as Venus is the planet of beauty. Libra sun, rising, and Venus people are the most fashionable and put-together.

This won't surprise you. Leos are the best-dressed anywhere.

Aquarius—the zodiac's individualists—made the list, although they probably didn't try. Aquarius is self-centered.

Motherly and grounded Taurus style reflects their appreciation of luxury. Tauruses and Taurus risings have a casual, cool-girl style.

These bulls love florals and earth tones (The Zodiac Style), and you'll likely see them on a park bench or hiking trail with a smart tote bag and comfy leather sandals.

"It's got a goddess energy, so things that kind of have that luxe feeling," professional astrologer Taryn Bond told Nylon.

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