Style According to Zodiac Sign

Capricorns like stylish ease.

Since Capricorns rule winter, they love warm comfort. In the new year, try a new shoe type (mules, anyone?) or trendy denim.

Aquarius traits You're a fashion-loving humanitarian.

To express your "intense" side, try bold motifs and hues in your style. Use your flair to draw notice to yourself. Aquarius—shine!

Pisces' Style You like to dress whimsically as a free soul.

Even if you haven't been hooking up for that long, it's important meeting in person if you decide to call it quits.

Aries Characteristics You're a classicist who can pull off modern flair.

You can succeed with flare. You nail work-to-date-to-friends. Style nomad! Stay employed by focusing on basics this year.

Taurus traits You wear bold clothes and accents.

Fashionable blog? Tauruses love fashion. Create gorgeous, durable goods this year. Walk the curbside runway or work with ease.

Tauruses love style. Make durable, lovely things this year. Roadside runway, simple.

Geminis like flashy attire. Wearing what? From where? Stitch Fix. Go on! Balance, bulk, and shape. 

Cancer traits

Cancers overdress! You like simple, elegant style. Mix your best bases with stolen button-ups or bohemian shirts this year. Help? Contact Pisces.

Virgo Style You work your strengths like a girl!

Virgo likes crafting. Use your power colors—red and ivory—to change your look this year. Your classy, understated style draws notice. 

Style of Libra

Unsafe! Libras are wild children. Add beads, shiny ends, and leather to greys, blacks, and navys this year. Lace or satin shirts smooth those lines.

Sagittarian Characteristics

You're a goofball. In the new year, embrace feminine shapes and refined, unfussy style. Bolder shapes and accents this year.

Scorpion traits Perfect dresser.

Zodiac's most enigmatic sign is you. How do Scorpios look good? Dress normally. Conflicting styles? This year, add something mysterious—like you—to your trunk.

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