Style According to Zodiac Sign

Your sign? Your Zodiac sign—Leo or Pisces—can teach you a lot. An refined year is our only prediction.

Your sign? Your Zodiac sign—Leo or Pisces—can teach you a lot. We only foresee a refined year.

Capricorn Characteristics

Winter-ruled Capricorns enjoy coziness. Try mules or trendy denim in the new year.

Aquarius traits

Bold colors and motifs show your "intense" side. Showcase your flair. Aquarius flare!

Pisces' Style

Fun-loving, free-spirited gal. Your wit and charm are popular. This year is all about flow and ease. 

Aries Characteristics

You can succeed with flare. You rock desk-to-date-to-friends. Style nomad! Stay employed by focusing on basics this year.

Taurus traits

Fashion blog? Tauruses love style. Create beautiful, durable items this year. Easy job or sidewalk walking.

Gemini traits

Geminis like flashy attire. Wearing what? From where? Stitch Fix. Go on! Balance, bulk, and silhouette. 

Cancer traits

Cancers overdress! Elegant, you like clear lines. Mix sharp bases with bohemian shirts or borrowed button-ups this year. Tips? Contact Pisces.

Leo traits

Leos are fierce. Hold hatred. Leo, brave pals are most loyal. Leo, your creativity, passion, and joy of life, love, and focus deserve a bold new wardrobe. 

Virgo Style

Virgo likes oldies. Use your power colors—red and ivory—to alter your look this year. Your refined taste stands out. This year's red lady is understated.

Libra Style.

Then, soften those lines with a lace or velvet top.

Sagittarian Characteristics

You're a goofball. In the new year, accept feminine shapes and polished, unfussy style. Bolder forms and accessories this year.

Scorpion Characteristics

You're Zodiac's most enigmatic sign. Scorpios always look good—how? This year, dress normally. Style dilemma? Add something mysterious—like you—to your trunk this year.

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