Strongest Zodiac Sign?

Some zodiac signs are stronger than others. If you've been pulled to someone's charisma or inspired by their strong leadership, you've noticed this.

Scorpio is clever, forthright, and intuitive.Mars and Pluto, the planets of activity and rebirth, give Scorpio great vitality.

Leo, the lion, is captivating.Leo is the bravest sign. They're self-centered and expect service.

Physically fit Taurus perseveres.Taurus—an earth sign—is diligent and grounded.

Mars-ruled Aries is forceful.Aries' aggressive nature implies they don't shy away from activities or decisions.

Saturn-ruled Capricorn is honest.It's ambitious. Their hard work and dedication are what people notice first.

Adventurous Sagittarius wants wisdom.This brave fire sign inspires others by traveling and learning to broaden their views. 

Sagittarius' cheerfulness attracts others. Jupiter, the prosperous planet, rules them.

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