Stressed Zodiac Signs? Astrologer Ranking

Geminis are most anxious.

Your anxiety affects your body, as you are the most stressed zodiac sign.


Nervousness causes irritation and irritability. You could explode under duress, so be careful.

Virgo hides emotions.

You hide your nervousness, but worry eats away at you from the inside, causing minor health issues later on.

Scorpio erupts

Anxiety raises stress. Physically venting your feelings helps you move on.

Secretive Leo

You must control your feelings to protect your superego, but it's hard for you.

Cancer acts like a child

You're temperamental and one of the most immature zodiac signs, so not getting what you want can make you anxious.

Aquarius adapts.

You're cool and don't like trouble, but you get anxious if things don't move fast enough.

Taurus is a timebomb.

You rarely get angry, but a big tantrum is assured when tension builds up. Your surroundings should be wary of you!

Sagittarius rules.

When in doubt, you exercise to release your feelings.

Crisis-prone Pisces

You're not anxious, but your irrational fears can overwhelm you and cause violent panic attacks.

Capricorn is calm.

You're calm in all situations. Stress doesn't bother you.

Libra is calmest.

If there's an issue, you let it go and move on.

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When should I have the conversation?

Instead, choose a moment when neither of you will be distracted from the chat.

Should I end things in person?

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How do I end things on a good note?

"I" comments are totally focused on your emotions and experiences, with no blame placed on the other person.

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How do I break things off without being rude?

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