Which Zodiac Signs Get Stressed The Most? An Astrologist's Ranking

The most stressed sign is Gemini.

You are considered to be the most stressed out zodiac sign, and your body often feels the effects of your nervousness.

Nervousness causes impatience and irritability. People should be wary of you when the pressure builds up because you could explode.

AriesCompletely tense

Virgo hides emotions.

You hide your nervousness, but stress eats away at you from the inside, causing minor health issues later on.

Scorpio erupts

Anxiety raises stress. You need to let off steam physically to release your emotions and move on.

Leo's secretive.

Your superego is crucial, thus you must strive to moderate your uneasiness as much as possible, yet managing your emotions is a large ask for you.

Cancer is childlike.

You're volatile and one of the most immature zodiac signs, so not getting what you want might make you uneasy.

If things don't move fast enough, you get nervous.

Aquarius adapts.

Taurus is a timebomb.

Tension always leads to a tantrum. People around you should be suspicious of you!

Sagittarius stays in control

When in doubt, you exercise to release your emotions.

Pisces is perpetually in crisis

You're not nervous, but your irrational fears can overwhelm you and cause violent panic attacks.

Libra is the most peaceful sign.

You don't dwell on problems and move on.

Capricorn stays calm

You can handle any situation. You never stress.

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