Sports you like based on your zodiac sign

Aquarians love adventurous sports like riding. They like paragliding and bungee jumping.

Sports excite Aries. They prefer boxing, martial arts, and running because they demand daring, attention, and strength.

Cancer, Mars' sign, doesn't like sports. Yoga and windsurfing could interest you. All sports release energy while relaxing.

Capricorns prefer endurance sports and self-improvement. They prefer cricket, hockey, chess, and marathons.

Gemini like eye-hand sports. You prefer team and individual sports. Cricket, volleyball, and table tennis are ideal.

Leos appreciate flashy, spotlight-grabbing sports. They join a team for personal gain. So play basketball, golf, or surfing.

Libras don't grasp sports fanaticism! They like gymnastics, ice skating, and fencing.

Pisces like aquatic sports. You prefer swimming, diving, and surfing because you like watching others enjoy the stillness below the surface.

Sagittarians enjoy aiming. Archery fascinates them. They prefer horse-related team activities like polo.

Scorpios love strong physical challenges, not sports. They like rock climbing, rafting, and skydiving.

Taureans love stamina. Football and other ground-based sports are their favorites. Weightlifting and bodybuilding may fascinate them.

Sports help Virgos stay healthy. They often stroll or run outside. They like cricket, racing, and handball.

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