Spider-Man According to Your Zodiac Sign

Fans love seeing Spider-Man encounter his multiversal counterparts in TV series, comics, video games, and films.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" matches Tom Holland's Peter Parker against the webslinger's two prior film versions.

Spider-Man's several personalities are interesting. Spidey is anyone in a mask. If you're wondering which Spider-Man version matches your personality,

Kaine, a Spider-clone, is impetuous, violent, and Aries-like. First, this faulty genetic copy of Peter Parker uses swear words and seems rude.

Aries: Kaine

Taurus: Spider-Man

Spider-Verse characters seldom match Peter Benjamin Parker's brains, persistence, and endurance. 

Gemini: Scarlet Spider

Peter Parker's life is difficult since he must juggle two lives. (and trying to keep them separate). When you're Peter Parker's exact clone, it's harder.

Cancer: Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O'Hara becomes Peter Parker. After a scientific experiment creates an army of spider-powered corporate raiders, Miguel unexpectedly becomes a hero.

Leo: Supaidaman

Takuya Yamashiro stands out among Spider-Man's multiversal analogues. If you always flew Leopardon into war, you probably would be too.

Virgo: Ghost Spider

In a parallel dimension, a radioactive spider attacked Gwen Stacy. She fights crime as Ghost Spider in "Edge of Spider-Verse #2" after Peter Parker's death.

Libra: Miles Morales

After Peter Parker of Earth-1610 died in "Ultimate Spider-Man #160," Miles Morales, a Brooklyn youngster bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, became Spider-Man.

Scorpio: Silk

In "Amazing Spider-Man" vol. 3 #4, the radioactive spider that granted Peter Parker his spider-powers bit another person before dying.

Sagittarius: Spider-Ham

In "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," Peter Porker, aka Spider-Ham, best captured the ridiculousness of their multiverse-hopping scenario.

Capricorn: Superior Spider-Man

Doctor Otto Octavius's plan to escape death by taking over Peter Parker's body turned him into one of the Spider-Verse's most capable, albeit egotistical, heroes.

Aquarius: Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir is an alternative 1930s Peter Parker. This dismal, gritty Spider-Man sees the world in black and white.

Pisces: Peni Parker and SP//dr

SP//dr, Earth-14512's crimefighter, is a teenage girl, a psychic radioactive spider, and an Evangelion-like mech suit. One of countless Peter Parkers in the multiverse,

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