Beagles keep youngsters and adults busy. This dog breed is cheerful and lively, but hounds are obstinate and require diligent, imaginative training.

Housebreaking beagles is hard. Some Beagles take a year to housetrain. Crate-training is essential.

If left home alone, beagles might become bored. Beagles will yelp, dig, or flee if left in a backyard.

Beagles are usually given to rescue groups because their owners or neighbors became weary of their baying. Be ready to help your dog stop barking and wailing.

Beagles will leave if they scent anything appealing. If they scent anything fascinating, nothing else matters.

Beagles take their meal bowls seriously. Teach youngsters not to approach or feed your Beagle while it is eating.

Beagles are friendly to everyone, thus they're not good security dogs.

Cute beagles. When they're not misbehaving, they'll laugh. Beagle owners use food to outsmart their pets.

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