Six Zodiac Signs Love Pets More Than People

Some people feel safer with their pet than they do around other human beings. Do you have a furry (or scaly) companion in your life? Does that companionship surpass that of even 

 Tauruses are protective and love pets. They love puppy licks and hugs. They aren't anti-social, but pet security attracts them.

 Geminis are very sociable. Socializing leads to a love of pets. Geminis resort to pets when alone. 

Cancers are perceptive and emotional. They relate nicely with animals and others. 

 Virgos adore animals most. They love nature and disregard their connections with humans to spend time with their dogs. 

 Libras care deeply and like helping others, especially dogs. Pets assist Libras avoid loneliness and promote their giving spirit. 

 Pisces care deeply, like Libras. Charity is their passion. Animals are their best pals. Pisces love saving animals.

Pisces owners' infinite love is reciprocated to their dogs, and since they're gregarious, they have lots of pals to spoil them!

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