Signs that are shopaholic

Zodiac signs with costly taste are not obsessive buyers or have high credit limits. They appear to be lured to expensive items, whether they can afford them or not.

Tauruses have costly taste. Analyze your friends' buying habits if you haven't. You'll soon see why they're termed "high-class" zodiac signs.

Leos spend lavishly on themselves and others. They may provide a gift because they enjoy it. If a Leo gives you a present, it'll be wonderful, but they may have just bought it.

Capricorns adore attractive things but may be economical when needed. Buying something is the same. They're so choosy that it may take months to find what they enjoy.

New phones are too tempting to wait for the price to drop. It's needed now. Aquarius is thriftier. They like royal trips.

Money doesn't bind Sagittarius. Money—or everything material—is temporary and can be obtained later. This zodiac sign has unlimited pricey preferences.

Geminis are charitable.They're impulsive buyers. They buy something immediately if they think it will make them happy.

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