Signs of the zodiac ordered from ANGELS to DEVILS


The cleanest of all the zodiac signs, Libra is the most heavenly of the twelve. You can treat Librans however impolitely you want, but they will never compromise their moral principles. 


You are quite the opposite of the bull in that you are forgiving and don't harbor grudges very often. Because of how nice you are, you might live in a place were there were devils.


You love your rules and the ethics you’ve created for yourself. You are a strong believer of what goes around comes around so kindness is one of your strongest suits.


Love is one of the things in life that comes naturally to you because of how lovely you are. You adore those who are loyal to you, but when you learn all the falsehoods they have been telling, the little devil in you emerges.


Helping others makes you happy, and you enjoy doing favors for people. When it comes to your sinister behavior, though, your sex desire is what pushes you to make choices that you'll come to regret.


You will undoubtedly be in the center. You possess two selves, one of which is the devil and the other an angel. Your little devil and the angels are constantly arguing with each other while perched on your shoulders.


They are strong, majestic and fair just like the lions until you get on their bed nerve. If you make some bad moves, be ready to hear them roar. 


You try too hard to be a decent person, yet it's challenging because of temptations all around you. Your earnest wish is that all your good deeds will help you forget your sins. 


Although you are very likable, if someone offends you, you will overthink the situation and chase them down to get revenge. Other than that, like we stated, you are a very likeable person. 


You wear a sinister grin all the time. Your amazing sense of humor, which you enjoy using to make others laugh before fucking them over, is what makes you redeemable.


There is a reason why the Devil frequently appears in paintings as a goat's head, because, in all honesty, you enjoy doing things your way, even if they are wrong, and then, when you get caught, you act like you're sorry.


You recognize that you are the devil. You are the personification of evil, and you have reserved a special apartment in each of the seven hells. If there had been an eighth, it would have been populated with scorpions.

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