Science-Backed Cat-Like Tips

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1. Cats rule.

According to two Swiss studies, the ideal way to interact with a cat is to wait for it to initiate contact.

2. Greet cats as they do (sort of).

Friendly cats sniff each other. Offering a non-threatening fingertip at nose level a few inches away mimics that action. Bend down and offer your hand.

3. Pet cats where they like...

In a 2002 research, cats responded well to forehead and cheek touching, purring, blinking, and kneading their paws



4. If response is unfavourable, give the cat space.

Hissing, biting, flattening their ears, staring at your hand, and twitching their tails are examples.

5. Avoid overfeeding cats.

Three-quarters of owners of 58 overweight cats said that their dieting cats were more friendly, purred more, and sat on their laps a month later.

6. Play with them.

A 2017 research revealed that cats prefer human connection above food, however a deeper check showed that they preferred people because of interactive toys.



7. Indoor cats.

A 2013 Italian research found that indoor cats given one hour of supervised access to a small garden were more "in sync" with their owners than outdoor cats.

8. Socialize young cats.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that only a few minutes a day of pleasant human touch helps kittens become friendlier and more trusting. 

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