Ruling Planets and What They Mean for You, According to the Zodiac

SagittariusRuling Planet: Jupiter

You are a sprinter, thinker, and doer who is constantly moving. You are the final fire sign and are governed by Jupiter, the planet of fortune, luck, and exploration. (of both knowledge and spirituality).

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Since Saturn governs Capricorn, love is paramount in this sign. Saturn is a symbol for accountability, diligence, and willpower. Some refer to it as the taskmaster of the planets because it keeps everyone in order and provides clear paths to the goal.

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Being the last sign of the zodiac to be an air sign, Aquarius is a breath of fresh air both physically and figuratively because of your talent for giving anything you touch your unique spin.

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Neptune, the Roman mythology's God of the Seas, is the planet that rules Pisces. Dreams, the mind, and everything spiritual are all represented by Neptune. You have an abundance of creative energy and refuse the overly realistic.

Ruling Planet: Mars

You are the oldest child in this household, Aries, because you are the first sign of the zodiac. While the rest of the world tries to catch up, you determine the pace. Your willpower and desire alone will get you where you need to go quickly.

Ruling Planet: Venus

It's likely that when you think of Venus, thoughts of beauty, affection, or women's tennis come to mind. The first two (and possibly the third, but that's more of a personal taste) are especially important to you if you're a Taurus.

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mercury, the planet of speech, rules over Gemini. Surprised? Did not believe so. Mercury was the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology, disseminating information and expressing views.

Ruling Planet: The Moon

Your emotions, Cancer, fluctuate as frequently as the waves. Being ruled by the moon, the planet responsible for the ebbs and flows of human feeling, may be the reason for this. The moon has an impact on our emotions, and Cancer, you experience a lot.

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Leo, the sun is your king. It makes sense that your planetary master needs a pair of sunglasses every now and then since it is the brightest star for the brightest sign. You as well. Your enthusiasm, kindness, and apparently endless supply of energy

Ruling Planet: Mercury

There are more signs than planets, as you may have observed. You Virgos are skilled communicators because you were born to fix problems, and your ruling planet is no different. 

Ruling Planet: Venus

You and Taurus are both diplomatic twins, and Venus is your governing planet. Venus shines through in your profound dedication to partnership and balance, Libra.

Ruling Planet: Pluto

You have a dark aspect, Scorpio. This might be the case because Pluto, the tiny but powerful planet that orbits the sun the furthest away, rules over you. Darkness, the subconscious, mortality, and rebirth are all connected to Pluto. Not precisely humorous material

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