Rescue Dog's 'The Smiles' Touches Hearts

When a video of a dog named Smile reacting to her rescue family coming home went viral on social media, people were moved by what they saw.

In it, the terrier mix can be seen waving her tail and smiling at the people who saved her as she lies on their bed.

The post is very touching, and the caption says: "We were gone for a few hours, and when we got back, Smile was sleeping in our bed. 

She got out of quarantine early!!!!!!" The next thing he said was, "I don't know how I'll be able to let her go!"



According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about 3.1 million companion dogs enter U.S. animal shelters every year.

About 390,000 shelter dogs are put down every year, but this number is going down, in part because more animals are being adopted and more lost animals are being found and returned to their owners.

Aside from that, about 2 million dogs are adopted from shelters every year, and about 710,000 strays are returned to their owners.



The TikTok video has already been watched over 117,200 times and liked 29,000 times by animal lovers.

One user named Bookluver said, "I would never give up this dog." Meaghan the scallion replied, "Give me a dozen of her, please!"

Elizabeth Ramos6573 said, "Omw, that would be a foster fail for me and worth it!" He also said: "Oh, how sweet. She is definitely worth keeping!! She has arrived."

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