Religious Zodiacs

Few zodiac moon signs practice faith with others.


Arianism is another solace. They don't force faith, but they dislike indifference. Arians "pass the time" at shrines.


Tauruses may be devout. They seem to struggle with balance.


Geminis host parties and pray first.Young Geminis may seem distinct, but they will follow Belief.


Cancerians are devout. They always cite God. They faithfully put money in God's little hundi (collection box) on the curb or to a beggar and show God's images in offices.


Leos trust in everything if they understand the ritual. They may never have fasted before, but once they grasp its essence, they will fast forever.


Virgos aren't pious. They don't believe faith compels you to follow its practices.


Libran customs are yo-yo. They appear arrogant because they are pious only when it suits them.


Scorpios are pious subtly. They hate showing trust. Instead, they pray late at night or when they need courage.


Sagittarians can repeat the Bible or Bhagavad Gita in one session and still want to learn.


Capricorns like the water. If you do puja, others will too. No rite is emphasized.


Aquarians can be anti-religious and refuse to engage in rituals until persuaded. They value trust and will not agree until convinced.


If the right people agree, they'll act. Knowledge and intellect make them good spiritual and religious guides. Their huge knowledge and psychic skills can lead others emotionally and morally.

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