Quiet Dog Breeds

Basenjis are called "barkless dogs" because they don't bark, so if you want the quietest breed, look no further.


The breed is very protective of its owners and its home, and it does not like strangers.

Chow Chow

The funny and cute Pug is known for not barking much. "Pugs don't exactly have a reputation for being overly alert and loud.


These gentle giants aren't completely quiet, but they aren't very loud either.

Bernese Mountain Dog



 People think that Borzoi dogs are quiet and act like cats. "Borzoi are also sighthounds, which means they don't bark or make a lot of noise," says Gilmartin.


The noise level of these sweet lapdogs is somewhere between low and medium, but one thing is for sure: they love to cuddle with their owners.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 This small dog is thought to be a great apartment dog because it is easy to get along with, friendly, and has a low amount of energy.

French Bulldog

This breed is known for being calm and friendly, and they are definitely not loud or rowdy like their bowling ball-shaped bodies might make you think. 

English Bulldog



Newfies, as they are called, are about the same size and personality as Bernese Mountain Dogs.


Scottish Deerhounds usually only bark when they need to tell their owners something. 

Scottish Deerhound

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