Planning the Perfect Date for Every Zodiac Sign


Perfect Date Planning Aries dating fun. Go-cart racing, rock climbing, and board games are wonderful dates for this fiery sign. The topping? Aries lasts all night.


"Dating a Taurus is luxurious. This refined earth sign enjoys gourmet dining, museums, and art events. Spoil them—they deserve it."


Friendly Geminis like entertaining dates. This bright sign implies double dates, Talk a lot. Good arguments cause this mental indication."


Cancer enjoys romantic boat rides and beach walks with handmade lunches. They love picnics, antique fairs, and drive-in movies. Take care of this sign—they'll reciprocate."


Camera, action! While dating this sun-ruled sign, dress up for ballet, opera, and  Pool parties and karaoke nights may help. If you can keep up, dating Leos is fun."


Plans A, B, and C fulfill the cautious zodiac sign. This practical, clever sign enjoys walks in rose or botanical gardens.Virgos love yoga, cooking, and ceramics.


Dress well to ask a Libra out.  Libras like fashion shows, galleries, and shopping.


Scorpios enjoy exotic things and mysteries. Scorpios love treasure hunts, murder mysteries, and hookah lounges. These people operate well under pressure and can handle the heat."


 adventurous outings like biking, hiking, and horseback riding followed by an exotic meal will have this fun sign craving the next adventurous date with you."


Capricorns value their time. Dinner and a movie or a historic town walk are ideal dates. Book a couples spa day or wine tasting weekend to impress.


This intellectual air sign enjoys indie music concerts, "Approaching their inner Einstein with science or tech-y museums takes you halfway because it’s hard to get to their heart."


Romance-obsessed Pisces is easy when present. They like movies, music, magic, poetry, astronomy, and intuition. When weather permits, this dreamy sign may also be attracted to water.

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