Planets and Your Zodiac Sign This Week

Aries, you may see others dark side. They may not like being revealed to you. You determine how this information will effect your friendship.

Taurus, alter your money relationship today. Each dollar might provide passive revenue. Start creating a fortune today.

Gemini, you may suddenly want to join a like-minded group. You may seek group members immediately. Being sociable, you may easily develop beneficial relationships.

Cancer, burst through. Today, assess your restrictions and watch them vanish like vapor.

Leo, you can get help. Once you learn to ask for aid and accept it, nothing can stop you. And this might lead to a wonderful trip.

Virgo, now is the moment to alter that. The Universe must deliver gifts. Come out today to be noticed.

Libra, this individual will join you. They're crowded. They support and expel you.

Scorpio, passive income may be your goal. It might be dividend stocks or a business. Investing may affect your spending habits and financial outlook.

Sagittarius, this may be a date, and your connection makes you obsessed. This person may also broaden your horizons. They can alter your world by showing you how to change.

Capricorn, your habits may be producing problems. You may need a better meal-prep regimen. Or that late-nighting makes mornings harder. Or that your self-talk is demoralizing. 

Aquarius, you may have seen these in movies or novels. You want to try them all now. Ideas have no gatekeepers. 

Pisces, you can do things differently. You may have done numerous things to please relatives and friends. You learn certain family members fully support your change.

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