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YOur pizza topping reflects you. Are you a classicist or a risk-taker? Classic or controversial? Like personalities, interests vary.

Aries,  requires protein, especially pepperoni. Aries prefer their meals "spicy and compact so it can be eaten quickly before the run back into battle" and because it gives them energy.

Taureans prefer nutty pizzas.The Taurean's high-end taste appreciates this topping's scarcity and challenging growing circumstances.

“Tomato sauce base gives pizza sweetness and richness without alienating partygoers.” Geminis always have pals. Pizza is perfect for busy Geminis.

Cancer, the mother sign, tastes like a savory topping. 
The water sign must preserve family unity, and more cheese is a topping that few family members would grumble 

Leo:"The sweet, salty, and smoky flavor of bacon appeals to  carnivorous instincts," whose sign is the lion. It thickens and colors pizza.”

Virgos like their toppings to be functional, so arugula is perfect. The topping "compliments the sweet, rich sauce and heaviness of the meat" and is light.

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