Part 2: Zodiac Room Colors.

Home is your refuge. It's important to decorate it to reflect your individuality and spirit. For tranquility, vitality, and happiness, use these colors based on your astrological sign.

Aries: Orange

Orange motivates this sign too. Astrologer and psychic medium Suzie Kerr Wright says it's easy to decorate with.

Taurus: Mauve

Dislike green? Wright thinks Tauruses would also prefer cream and mauve because they produce calming spaces.

White Gemini

"Geminis like to keep their walls bare, because they are always busy and often on the move," 

Cancer: Pastels

Wright says Cancers prefer white, pinks, sky blue, and pastels. "They are ruled by the moon and love colors that reflect as the moon does," she explains.

Leo: Purple

However, this sign prefers rich, vivid hues like gold and dark purple. 

Ice Blue Virgo

Wright believes Virgos are organized and would choose a color that matches everything before painting their walls. They prefer gentle, clean colors like this pale blue.

Libra: Green

"Soothing blues and darker greens keep this air sign grounded," explains Wright. These bold hues will reflect their love of entertaining (guests will enjoy it!) and home calm.

Scorpio: Pink

Wright says this sign likes "intense" colors like hot pink. "They need their home to be a retreat from the world, but filled with colors and décor that inspires passion."

Sagittarius: Lime

Adventurers prefer vivid colors. "A Sagittarius friend of mine said he likes lime green because it's the happiest of all colors," Wright remarked. Vibrant designs express enthusiasm.

Capricorn: Navy

Navy is conservative. Wright adds Capricorns are classic and have massive, robust furnishings.

Aquarius: Gray

This sign may travel, so keep barriers simple. "Their eccentric personalities mean almost anything goes," Wright says. Gray gives them freedom to play with accessories.

Pisces: Turquoise

Wright writes, "They are a water sign and their homes flow like water—think of it like a gentle ocean breeze, peaceful and romantic."

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