Part 2: Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Paint Color

Architecture and interior design greatly impact a space's vibe. Your house is your sanctuary—love it! Professional designers and DIYers use color psychology to make it comfy.


Aries is never boring. Their residences must be equally stunning. “An Aries house is modern,” explains founder Susan Miller. 


Taurus, a sensuous sign, like neutrals. Taurus homes have so much going on that neutral walls are needed to pull it all together. Miller calls this the investment symbol. 


Gemini, an air sign, loves light and interior design. Miller explains, “They’re born at the longest daylight, so their color is pale yellow.”


Miller believes cancer runs the home. Period. Full stop. Cancers love their homes, making them soothing. Cancers love their families, so their homes should too.


Leo's royal nature wants the best materials, appliances, and colors. Miller thinks gold, crimson, and purple represent Leo.


Mother Earth represents Virgo, an earth sign. This sign's walls won't be bold since they're nurturing and stable.Virgos arrange.


Libras are fall babies, yet their style isn't as earthy as Virgo's. This sign prefers gentler colors to the reds, yellows, browns, and oranges of changing leaves.


Scorpios are enigmatic. Scorpio wants darkness, Gemini brightness. Miller says Scorpio prefers black. “They like sensual eggplant—dark but sleek. 


Sagittarius home design reflects their zest for life. Miller says Sagittarius loves to bring stuff back from their trips. They display souvenirs.


Capricorn likes coziness because they were born in winter. This sign prefers to be called minimalists and traditionalists, not austere.


Aquarius, unlike Capricorn, embraces modernity. Miller says they enjoy cobalt, fuchsia, and gray. “They’ll use unfamiliar fabrics.

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