Part 2: Your Zodiac Sign's Spirit Animal

Astrology is ancient. Our forebears saw heaven in the sky and searched for hidden meanings that connected the universe to our personality. They believed the stars held the answers.


Pisces are elegant, giving, passionate, and emotional dreamers. The wolf agrees. They are pack animals and will ultimately desire to join a family, group, or community.


Aries' spirit animal isn't the Ram. Arian passion, independence, and loyalty are like hawks. Hawks are leaders and messengers.


Beavers, despite their size, adapt swiftly and conquer any challenge. Beavers are patient, making them useful workers.


Deer are Geminis' spirit animals. They're smart, energetic, and fearless. They love talking and entertaining others. Deer may also inspire their mates.


Like a Cancerian, the woodpecker fosters. They're great parents and caretakers because they've always felt at home. They care, listen, are resourceful, and assist their families.


Leos, like salmon, swim against the river and dare others to follow. They are both great leaders with contagious enthusiasm that attracts others.


Both Virgos and Bears are independent, observant, and purists. Bears are generous and meticulous.


Libra, like the raven, seeks harmony in life and love. Ravens are clever and fascinating, with a rare beauty inside and out. A diplomat,


The snake is mysterious and gloomy. Snakes are perceptive, mysterious, and drawn to the supernatural or unknown.


Owls are lively, ambitious, and hard to classify. They're impetuous and driven by their passions.


Lonely Goose and Capricorn. They're dedicated and creative. They may sabotage themselves. Passionate, witty, and generous, the goose may become obsessive or addicted.


Otters are lovely and eccentric. Their indifference makes them more popular. They can easily switch groups due to their many pals. They're excellent friends but finicky about love.

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