Part 2: Your zodiac sign's automobile.

Automobiles have always represented freedom and potential. Bruce Springsteen, the patron saint of chrome and Libra loneliness, eulogizes the empty seat and boundless road.


Accident-prone, adventurous The fast and cheap Honda Civic is "more fun to drive than a sports car" for Aries. This cardinal fire symbol makes their bedroom walls blood clot red. 


The 2023 Toyota Highlander is "practical, comfortable, and stylish," like Tauruses and yoga pants, throwing stars, reclining seats, air fyrers, and sex swings, according to Car & Driver.


Sports cars suit Geminis' quick thinking and speech. Gemini, like the Viper, is indecisive and preoccupied.


Moon-ruled Cancer is motherhood. Thus, a "cool mom" car with off-road capabilities, moon roof choices, and a reputation for securely hauling six or more children combines fashion and function.


Cadillac, a Leo, debuted on August 22. Cadillac, named for the Frenchman who established Detroit, is a symbol of luxury and has been favored by many American princes. 


The most prevalent zodiac sign, Virgo, controls the sixth house of service, which would be a pick-up truck.


FIAT seeks "dolce vita" automobiles. Librans love Venus. "The FIAT® Brand encourages its drivers to enjoy life's sweetness and beauty." Bonus,


"An untameable legend," Rolls Royce calls the Phantom Series. symbol-related symbol. Phantom Series II alone represents luxury.


The Greek mythological centaur represents Sagittarius. Western half-tame horses inspired the Ford Bronco. Same but different. 


The latest generation of Toyota Tacomas is "Unmatched," introduced in 1995 during Capricorn season. Unequaled. Unstoppable.” which, coincidentally,


Aquarius, the legendary water carrier, is inventive like the BMW iX5 Hydrogen, which uses hydrogen fuel cell technology and promotes sustainable driving.


The DeLorean, the "Back to the Future" time machine, fits Pisces' love of escapism, dreams, and the collective unconscious. 

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