Part 2: Your zodiac beer.

On September 7, we celebrate "National Beer Lover's Day" with steins aloft, kegs tapped, bottles open, and refreshments.

Truth has always been softened. 9,000 years ago in China's Yellow River Valley, Neolithic grog was made, and 3400 B.C. in Iran's Zagros Mountains, barley-based beer was consumed.


Aries supports underdogs. Modelo's jock/hero image fits the sign. Modelo's "Fighting Spirit" program revitalizes gyms and supports Hispanic and military veterans.


Taurus controls the second house of values and possessions. Bulls adore excellent times and bargains, making modestly priced, High life promising Miller their spiritual soul. 

Mercury rules communication and the tricky art of advertising in Gemini. Budweiser, ladies and gentlemen, has used marketing best.



Baseball is nostalgic, safe, and everyone wants to return home. The Sandlot Brewery near Coors Field created Blue Moon from America's history. A uncommon lunar event inspired the beer's name.


Spanish means crown, and Leo symbolizes royalty. Corona offers Christmas-lit palms and sandy beaches in empty parking lots and frigid strip malls. Leos always exude aristocracy.

Health-conscious hedonists consume Michelob Ultra, the "Gatorade of beer," and gut-ruled, picky Virgo understands that balance. Keto-friendly Michelob Ultra is athlete-approved. 



Factory workers, baristas, artisan spoon makers, and social media influencers appreciate Pabst Blue Ribbon for its flavor and irritating taste producers. Like Libra, PBR makes beer accessible.


Guinness, like Scorpio, a threshold sign that controls the eighth house of sex, death, and regeneration, is dark, medicinal, and may save lives when combined with eggs.

Seibei Nakagawa, a 17-year-old Sagittarius, founded Sapporo beer. Sapporo's first brewmaster in 1876, he studied brewing in Germany.



A German immigrant in a Pennsylvania coal mining hamlet produced Yuengling, America's oldest beer, in 1829. By selling low-ABV "near beers," one family escaped prohibition.

Aquarius' Star card shows a nude woman pouring one for her friends. Stella Artois was originally a holiday gift for Leuven, Belgium residents. Two planets dominate Aquarius.



Pisces embrace Alfred Henry Heineken's "I don't sell beer, I sell enjoyment" concept.

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