Pampered Cat's Home Spa Day Is Envy-Inducing

We all need self-care like this. TikTok user @dontstopmeowing pampers her cats. Skye, a long-haired cat, gets a "spaw day" in one of her popular movies to stay healthy.

She sits still and loves her treatments! Commenters adore this cat owner's spa. It's so luxurious that we envy the spoilt feline and her fur siblings!

After a long day as a cat, this seems like the ideal way to relax. The paw massage and little, fluffy robeā€”not what's to love?



"I swear your kitties live better than some humans," commented @lizgriffin6. True! We doubt we're the only ones jealous of Miss Skye's spoiled siblings. This spa day is for almost anyone!

Proof? @borderline967's words! "When I die, I want to be a cat and live at your house," they wrote. We want in too! If it means more spa sessions like this, life is wonderful.

Skye's calmness during therapy impresses many observers. @Dbarth4522 said, "How are they so good? Cucumbers on my cat would make me sleep with one eye open."



LOL! We have a feeling you're not the only cat owner to feel that way, but there are also tons of other ways to spoil a kitty.

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