On April 7, 2023, The 3 Zodiac Signs Fall Madly in Love

Three zodiac signs will experience intense love during Venus' sextile to Neptune in April 2023. There's a reason why Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer experience intense romantic arousal on Friday. There is a greater capacity for empathy.

We sympathize with the other person. We weep for their problems and celebrate their triumphs.

In this cold, cruel world, the idea of love is so sacred and coveted that if we meet that one person who is ready to be there for us, we fall in love just by being honest with them, and this kind of truthful display warms our emotions.

Be prepared, willing, and able to deal with your emotions today; given who you are, that will be a challenge. You suspect that the person you're feeling drawn to has the same sentiments for you.



Although it's no secret that you have a passionate nature and a creative love language, you will have the opportunity to apply both talents today in the presence of the person you've developed a major crush on.


When Venus transits sextile Neptune on April 20, 2023, what begins as a sweet infatuation develops into something far more serious. Although your "lack of trust" soon sets in, you adore it when situations like this happen.


You didn't just stumble into this new love; in fact, the person you've been falling madly in love with was someone who was first your buddy. You'll notice that this friendship can no longer be in its "zone" during Venus' sextile to Neptune.


You recognize that this other person balances and satisfies your own love desires because you caught on to their clues. You need to declare your love publicly at this point.

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